TBL list BLUE VALLEY - 4869002023877

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  Name: Zviad
  Last Name: Mirianashvili

“BLUE VALLEY” LLC / IC - 405117172

  Address: 1, Panaskerteli-Tsitsishvili Str
  City: Tbilisi
  ZIP code 0194
  Country: Georgia
  Email: mirianashvili.zviad@gmail.com
  URL your site: www.bluevalley.ge


  Type of product: Food products
  Product description:

Fresh Blueberries. Packaging - plastic container. NETTO -250 gr.

  Trademark: “BLUE VALLEY ”
  Transport packaging: 16 pieces. Cardboard box
  Description package for ITF14:

80 cardboard boxes, mounted on a EUR pallet, size 80x120x220. Gross Weight-383 kg.